Empires Of Planets 4

The Aczanny

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Playing As

Defence self before attack enemy. Use your diplomatical talents and make border with your neighbours, but not colonize all planets in range. You not need small undefened colonies at begin of game. Of course, you need small enclaves for contraband and native gathering, but this is not a normal colony. Make it, but not grow it. Abaddon it when all work finished. Your primary force is big and powerful central base with Nest Starbase in orbit. Make it quickly as possibly.

Very careful build new starships. D'nt forget - you are very limited by minerals. First, build only few Sparrow for recon works, Shadow Hawks with medium engines for fuel gathering and Harriers for colonization processes. Send Shadow Hawk and gather all goods from nearest planet surfaces. Drop small amount of colonists and supplies for Pod Launcher, gather all ore from surface and send it to home. Use pods more then ships for transport any cargo - save your fuel. Search Avians, Gypsoldals and Amorphous natives. Only Avian natives love you! Gypsies make free transwarps for you. Amorphs not attack you and produce normal spice packs - it's real money cash!

Your ground battle ability is poor. Protect self in space, using assault Bomb-Pods. First time each turn make 2-4 Pods with 10-100 Troops and/or Crews and place it on orbit. Place one warship with "Attack" command. In battle, pods work like real and dangerous minefield. Concentrate your colonists at one well defened base. This is secondary protection for you - you cannot defend many worlds at begin of game. If any enemy attack you - it's simply lost without any satisfactions.

Remember - you are Slavekeepers! Get slaves by all costs. If you found any Labour race near, try make few exchanges your own colonists for enemy as prisoniers. D'nt think about morale - Labour mines give more money for you then any big taxes. Also, you colonists love big tax, but natives leave you in big number on overtaxing. Best slavetrading partner for you is Bird, who can make normal happy level with prisoniers in enemy hands.

Your primary weapon is fighters. Build hordes of all type fighters. Mix your wings as 20-20-20 - this is very effective combination.

You are vulnerable for cloakers, and have only one protection - Laser mines. Use large numbers of Kestrels and lay large minefields over your territory. D'nt set automatic intercept mission for ships - use fighter wings. Each cheap Kestrel have 5 wings on board. Few ships make global defence net, using minefields and large number of fighters, who intercept any detected on sight enemy.

Gather or buy conrabands and sell it for your neighbours, Your ships have good speed, and can arrive, sell and escape. Smuggler Cantinas help get contrabands for you.

Send large number of Frigates and suck enemy small colonies. Make slaves, mine minerals and gather moneys for fighters. When attack, strike quickly and surprisingly. Use fast fleets and overwhelm enemy defence, then "slowly" run Rocs with companies and suck up enemy undefened colonies. Use Gerfalcons for mine detection and Sparrows for silent recon. Make Sparrow Scan Net, drop scouts without good engines on enemy terrotory. Unseen, Sparrows can gather many information. Gravitonic Accelerators blind your scanners? It's not a problem for you! Your gravitonic ships can tow Sparrow - look like you attach mobile radar system on ship. D'nt attack enemy colonies from space. Kill Base Shield by fighters and suck up colony, using Reticulian Light Beam. Make new slaves - this is your new moneys and minerals. Use fighters "Hit and Run" strategy. Use bomb-pods from Vultures and Rocs. USE ANY, THAT NOT USE LARGE AMOUNTS OF MINERALS! Each destroyed ships is very big casualty for you.

On captured territory make new military center, replenish fighters, bomb-pods and strike, strike, strike again. D'nt stop! You are quickest warp race in galaxy!

Avoid races with well armored ships in combination with big ground power. Lizards, Birds or Empire is'nt good enemy for your strikes. D'nt make any deals with Borgs, this race unuseful for you.

Playing Against

Only three solutions: Minefields, Minefields and another Minefields! Make big number of minelayers, drop minefields in big numbers and block Aczanny manoeuvrability. Minefields is very dangerous for Aczanny - they minesweeper can arrive too late. Detonate minefields over planets with Aczanny base and you kill it Bomb-Pods protection. D'nt attack Aczanny bases from space if possibly - you can get full load of powerful fighters and lose. Drop ground troops on planet - Aczanny is very poor soldiers. Arm your ships by Sandcasters and best antifighter PD weapon like Turbolasers, Quad lasers or MML. Use your fighters only if you greatly outnumber Aczanny or else Aczanny easy kill it.

D'nt use Photon Torpedoes against Aczanny. It ships have big PD number and excelent evasion bonus. You simply shots your ord in space. Use weapon with good attack bonus and low intercept rate, regard charge time and destruction power (Blasters, Sandcasters, Force Beams, Disruptors and Fusion Cannons). Also, good solution is fast recharge rate. Pulsed lasers small weapon is better against Aczanny then agains any other race.

Especially for Evil Empire players: d'nt attack Aczanny at begin of game. You have big chance lost your attack fleet in bomb-pod minefield, and give Aczanny Probe Launcher on Star Destroyer. It's very good gift for it, but not for any it neighbours. Search slighty more easy target or prepare attack with maximum cares.

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